I'm Kylie.

I'm a lover of the handmade and simple, the everyday. I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and that's where I'm currently raising my boys (after falling in love with their daddy and starting our life together in Flagstaff).

I take pictures to remember that my life is beautiful because it's real. I take pictures of my kids when they cry, when they laugh, when they're whiny, and when they're excited. I take pictures of my oldest helping me make dinner and of my youngest climbing to get into the fridge. (Can you tell we like food?) I've taken pictures of our bedtime routine and of Christmas morning, because I believe that both are moments I will want to remember someday. I know all of it is important to our story as a family.

You're probably sitting there, nodding your head because those are the moments you probably want captured as well, right? Those little pieces of life you just want to hold onto, because even if it's hard or boring in the moment, you know it won't last forever.

Well, I'm glad you found me! Let's get your beautiful everyday captured.